Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID)

Vision And Mission

Vision And Mission


Build a sustainable world by the searching and applying of knowledge


The institute search for knowledge and uses the created knowledge for mankind by research and educational programs. The institute develops and suggests suitable solutions for the existing problems and challenges through conducting interdisciplinary research on development issues. The institute contributes to the national and international communities through comprehensive surveys and studies. The institute advocates for the needs of Bangladeshi communities. The institute enhances the ability to perform research in national and global communities as well as manage grants. The institute will offer research and education-oriented programs and degrees for creating a knowledge-based society. Working for the behavioral change of the people through different methods such as audio documentary, video documentary, popular theatre, modeling, communication and other methods of behavioral change and organizing different events such as seminar, workshop, symposium, roundtable and conferences are the important targets of the institute. The institute will establish a strong partnership with the global research community to create a culture of high achievement and global knowledge-based community.