Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID)

Journal papers

By Chairman and CEO


  • Da (Bengali- Story), Goddo Poddo, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2020
  • Dham (Bengali- Novel), Goddo Poddo, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2019
  • Unish Shotoker Banagaleer Nobo Jagoron, Samprodaikota o Bangali Jati Sottar Unmesh (Bengali) (The revolution of Bengali Nations on Nineteenth Century, Communalism & Nation Building of Bengali), Goddo Poddo, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February,2013
  • Brikkho Bondona (Bengali) (selected Poems on Tree), Goddo Poddo, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2011
  • Mofossholer Moddhobittoder Japito Jibon (Bengali) (Livelihood Patterns of middle-class families in semi- urban areas of Bangladesh) Goddo Poddo, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2011


  • A Review on Ultra Poor Microfinance Program: Experience from Monga Region, PKSF, 2009
  • Jashim Uddiner Ashmani o Somokalin Bangladesher Ashmanira (Bengali) (Ashmani of Jashim Uddin and Ultra Poor of Bangladesh) Chalchittro, 2009
  • Mafassoler Maddhabittader Japito Zibon (Bengali) (A Study on Middle Class Society in Semi Urban Township of Bangladesh) DUSAT, 2008
  • Peace Situation of Bangladesh: A Review, World Learning Centre, Brattleboro, Vermant, USA, 2008
  • A Study on Monga: The Hunger Grip in Northwestern Bangladesh, Ph. D Seminar Paper, Institute of Social Welfare and Research, University of Dhaka, 2008
  • Somnath Horer Tevagar Diary o Somokalin Bangladesh (Bengali) (Tevagar Diary of Somnath Hor and Contemporary Bangladesh) Chalchittro, 2008
  • Sangskriti o Unnayan: Bangladesh Prekkhit (Bengali) (Culture and Development: A Review on Bangladesh Aspect) DUSAT, 2007
  • Tattha Adhikar: Trinamul Parzaer Oviggota (Bengali) ( Right to Information: Experience from Grassroots) Manusher Jonno Foundation, 2006
  • Bangladesher Sangskriti: Pala Bodoler Chalchittro (Bengali) (Changing Culture of Bangladesh, Chalchittro, 2005
  • Thakurgaon Zilar Authority o Zibon Dhara (Bengali) (Livelihood and Economy of Thakurgaon District), Thakurgaon Foundation, 2005
  • Thakurgaon Zilar Sikkha, Sakkhorota o Obbahoto Sikkhar Biborton: Akti Parzalochona (Bengali) (Evolution of Education, Literacy and Continuing Education in Thakurgaon District) DUSAT, 2005
  • Child Workers of Bidi Factories in Bangladesh, ICHAA, November 2004
  • Situation Analysis on Literacy and Continuing Education in Thakurgaon and Panchagarh district, CAMPE, 2004
  • Thakurgaon Anchale Loksangit o Lokuttsab: Akti Artho Samajik Bishletion (Bengali) (A Socio-Economic Study on Folk Song and Fold Festival in Thakurgaon Region, DUSAT, 2004
  • Thakurgaon Anchale Prakritic Durzog: Akti Metho Parzalochona (Bengali) (Natural Disaster on Thakurgaon a Field Study, DUSAT, 2003
  • Development through Participatory Approach: A Study on Some Agro Based Program: M. Phil Thesis, University of Dhaka, 2003
  • Post Literacy and Continuing Education Program, Action Research, ESDO / DNFE, 2001
  • Extension and Development in PLDP Program, Nordic Agricultural Academy, Odense, Denmark, 2000
  • Rural Sanitation System: A Survey on 14 Union under Thakurgaon District, UNICEF, November 1994
  • Bangladesher Madokasoktoder Gati-Prokriti: Ekti Parzolochona (Bengali) (A Review on Pattern of Drug Addiction in Bangladesh), Institute of Social Welfare and Research, University of Dhaka, 1993
  • Pusper Sukh-Dukkha (Bengali) (Happy and Sorrowness of Puspo: A Case Study of Ultra Poor Women) ESDO, 1992
  • Tarasankorer Kabi o Ekaler Kabialgon  (Bengali) (Kabi of Tarasankar and Contemporary Rural Poets of Bangladesh) Chalchittro, 1991

By Associates

  • (2021). “Dalits in India and their territorial rights”, In Kocsis (Ed.) Global Encyclopedia of Territorial Rights. Springer, Cham (with Nurul Momen). [Forthcoming]



  • Abu Shahen (2020). The Social and Family Attitude toward Disabled Student: A Study on Rajshahi City Corporation Area, Bangladesh. International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology (IJISRT) Volume 5, Issue 1, January–2020. Available at-