Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID)

Support for strengthening and
sustaining the partner’s capacity


The institute conducts original research on diversified fields such as social, economic, political, cultural, and other branches of knowledge for development. The main focusing areas are creating the knowledge, disseminating the created knowledge for development, application of created knowledge, and policy suggestion as well as pioneering in the problem-solving processes. Specifically, BRID provides the following services:
  • Doing and assisting in interventional research
  • Conducting policy advocacy research
  • Conducting and assisting in doing the baselines, surveys, and census
  • Case study, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), the Key Informant Interview (KII)
  • Data collection services
  • Developing the theoretical frameworks, literature survey, report preparation, documentation, and publication
  • Developmental program and project design and research proposal
  • Program and project assessment, risks and emergency needs assessments
  • Monitoring, and impact and performance evaluations
  • Research Data Management (RDM)
  • Organizational assessment and development worker training
  • Emergency response and supports
  • Personnel assessment, skill development and vocational training programs
  • Scoping study and research projects conduction
  • Collaboration with different national and international development agencies and research organizations
  • Educational and vocational programs, and other related fields of research, education, and development
  • Behavioral change communication services through different methods such as audio documentary, video documentary, popular theatre, modeling, communication and other methods of behavioral change
  • Theory of change development
  • Policy analysis and policy suggestions
  • Consultancy and research assistance services
  • Event management, including organizing different events such as seminar, workshop, symposium, roundtable, conferences and other events are the key services of the institute
  • Freelancing services
  • Technical assistance in research and educational program implementation