Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID)

Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID) is a thriving partner in knowledge-based community and network building. BRID, a faster growing research and education center in Bangladesh focusing on desired socio-economic changes with knowledge-based community and network building. The head quarter is located in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. BRID is a research and study center in development arena. The institute conducts interdisciplinary research on policy and development to solve the problems, and to mitigate the challenges, and to improve the living standards of Bangladesh. The institute develops original approach in research and development as well as follows the required original approaches to research, training, and knowledge sharing for the development of the country and the international communities. Working for the behavioral change of the people through different methods such as audio documentary, video documentary, popular theatre, modeling, communication and other methods of behavioral change, and organizing different events such as seminar, workshop, symposium, roundtable and conferences are the important activities of the institute. The motto of the institute is “Mind and World” that signifying the searching of knowledge and application for development as well as for the purpose of solving the problems of practical world.