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Study on the women empowerment and NGO in Bangladesh ​

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Executive Summary

Power is the most vital element and everyone expect to be the most powerful man in this world. It empowers the men and women to move freely, to take decision, control over resources and become a self-reliant in family and social life. Women are the most important part of family because they play vital role to rear up and bring up of a human child. So, it should empower them properly for the wellbeing for family life. However, this study conducted to identify the real picture of women’s empowerment in family life in Bangladesh. It also tried to explore the role of background characteristics of women regarding women’s empowerment. Current study is narrative and qualitative manner and based on Bangladesh Demographic and Household survey data. But secondary data also helps to make this study meaningful and informative on the concerning issue. However, study found that women are enough self-esteem and not using the freedom of mobility still now in the family life of Bangladesh. They are treated as weaker segment of society as well as in family. Study also found that they have not enough right to take participation in all kinds of decision in family life. It seems that they are not enough intellectual and foresight power for taking a good decision. Study also explored that women have not sufficient power to take control over family resources which constraint the practice of women’s empowerment. (to be continued)