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Participatory Community Assessment

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The study, funded by the Enfants du Monde and the Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO), was conducted in the Satkhira district of Bangladesh and revealed the severe impact of natural disasters and climate change on local populations, particularly women and children. The study used participatory community assessment to explore the climatic impact on maternal, neonatal, and child health. The findings revealed saline water intrusion, rising sea levels, and increased fish cultivation, all of which led to health issues such as stomach problems, skin diseases, and reproductive health problems. Climate change also disrupted crop and vegetable cultivation, causing food insecurity. Recommendations include providing information on local food, healthy nutrition, breastfeeding, household gardening, referring malnourished newborns to healthcare, providing life skills training, and ensuring social safety net programs. The study underscores the urgent need for interventions to improve the lives and well-being of the local population.