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PACE Project-Post-Market Survey

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Market research helps understand supply and demand in various industries. This study focuses on the lack of processed food products in conventional agricultural goods and the lack of knowledge about eco-foods among market participants. The research highlights the need for a convenient market for eco-foods to improve financial conditions for producers and suggests that awareness and cultivation of profitable eco-foods are crucial for expanding production. Furthermore, factory owners produce processed food using traditional agricultural products, and there is moderate demand for eco-food in the local market. However, many customers are unaware of this. To increase sales, focus on marketing, appointing dealers, and advertising. Farmers produce vegetables but lack proper training and loans. Linemen deliver bakery goods to small tea shops, dealers, and confectionery shops. Eco-friendly pea and sim beach fries are in high demand, but new processed products are in short supply. The whole sellers sell various bakery products, but challenges like police harassment and seasonal problems may hinder sales.