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Interim analysis of employment under the Provati3 Project

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The job placement track focuses on RAC, computer operation, and mobile phone servicing trades in Bangladesh, with EIM and SMO being the most demanding. We provide local self-employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, prompt career counseling, and prior guidance on adjusting to the new working environment to attract trainees. However, the PROVATi3 project, covering three regions, has placed 4311 trainees in various job sectors, with 65.37% in the EIM trade and 32.85% in the computer operation trade. Male trainees (76.36%) are the dominant group, with 4311 receiving vocational training. About 92.39% of trainees are placed in wage-based jobs, with 76.66% being male and 21.73% being female. The highest placement is in EIM trade (37.15%), followed by SMO (2.68%) and MPS (1.22%). The majority of male trainees come from Rangpur, while female trainees (8.99%) come from Kurigram. On average, trainees earn 10916 taka per month from their current jobs and self-engagement. The project team has reached 60.62% placement, with 29.38% continuing their jobs. 7.80% have switched jobs to better companies, and 12.70% are self-employed. Three trainees have gone abroad, while five are processing their visas. Only 1.15% face drop-out situations due to salary expectations, maladjustment, and homesickness.