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Impact evaluation on WASH in Urban Slum of Kurigram​

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Executive Summary

Kurigram district is situated in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh surrounded by Jamalpur, Rangpur, Lalmonirhat districts and India. Kurigram pourashava is in fact the district town. There are nine wards as in other pourashavas of Bangladesh. Except the central part of the Kurigram town, other parts are very much rural in nature. This baseline study was covering 650 households from within the pourashava boundary and they were selected on the basis of a number of criteria. Results have been described in detail in the findings section. Here a snapshot of all the findings have been summarized for the people who do not have enough time to spare.

Getting underground water is relatively easy in the northern part of Bangladesh. May be that is the reason behind low supply from the Pourashava authority. Only 6.9 percent of the surveyed households are receiving drinking water through piped supply. The rest 93 percent are getting it from shallow tube-well which is very common in the entire northern part of Bangladesh. Quality of water was not tested for the tube-wells. So safety of drinking water is still a concern. Almost every household have got the facilities for storing water. A very tiny portion (0.15%) mentioned that they are getting drinking water from pond which needs some extra care. (to be continued)