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Evaluation study on ESDO- EFCM Project

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The evaluation study found significant improvement in understanding environmental and pollution terms. The majority of microenterprises were aware of climate change and had record-keeping systems, product labeling, value-adding, and promotional activities. However, only 16.25% engaged in online promotion. The study recommends expanding the EFCM project to improve microentrepreneurs’ socioeconomic conditions and ensure environmental protection, highlighting the importance of grants and loans for microenterprises. Moreover, the study examines the socio-economic and demographics of micro-entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, revealing that 83.75% have 4-6 members per family with poor educational status. Gender is a common factor, with male (87.5%) and female (12.5%) entrepreneurs being the most common. Most MEs have a primary conception of the environment and pollution and adopt waste management strategies. Financially, 5.63% of total sales increased after starting a project, and 70% knew about government certificate-giving departments. Key recommendations include project replication, training, reduced raw material prices, digitalization, financial assistance, and eco-friendly construction material markets.