Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID)

Core Thematic Areas

Climate Change Adaptation

BRID Supports to Climate Change Adaptation Advancing Climate Resilient Livelihoods, and Food Security

Mental Health and Psycho-social Development

BRID Provides advocacy, emergency approaches and policy development regarding mental health, and psycho- social development.


BRID assists and develops plans and strategies for sustainable livelihood.

Educational and Pedagogical Development

BRID develops original approaches to sustainable education for all. It seeks equitable solution and universal access to education.


BRID tends to focus on different kinds of resilience specially climate change resilience.

Humanitarian development

BRID provides advocacy and support to foster sustainable humanitarian development through multiple approaches.

Emergency and risk recovery supports

BRID promotes problem solving methods and strategies towards risk recovery and emergency support.

Gender protection and PSEAH

BRID is working in the area of gender protection and Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment-PSEAH through developing region-based approaches.

Social Protection

BRID evolves new ideas and planned approaches for social protection and social security that can be more prolific in the area of social development.

Agriculture and ecosystems

BRID involves in multidimensional research related to agriculture, agribusiness and sustainable biodiversity.

Sustainable Development Goals

BRID is working in the fields of SGDs, particularly in poverty alleviation, health, education, industry and workforce, equal distribution of wealth and resources, and peace, justice and human rights.