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Baseline of the WRACHCC Project

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In August 2023, Enfants du Monde (EdM) joined efforts with the Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO), alongside the technical support of the Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID), to implement the Women in Reproductive Age and Their Children’s Health in the Context of Climate Change (WRACHCC) project for mitigating the impact of climate change on women, newborns, and children’s health and reinforcing the health providers so they can continue providing quality care to the population. The southern area of Bangladesh, one of the world’s most affected by climate change, is the site of this project, grappling with extreme heat waves, salinity, and freshwater scarcity. The intervention area of the project is Assasuni Sadar, Anulia, and Protapnagar Union of Assasuni Upazila, under the district of Satkhira. The assignment’s goals are to find out what women and children in the intervention area know, how they feel, and what they do about being resilient to heat waves and high-water salinity. It will also look at their baseline reproductive health knowledge, how they go about getting medical care, how aware they are of climate change and how ready they are for it, what resources are available for adapting to and reducing its effects, and what social, economic, and environmental factors make them more or less vulnerable to its effects.