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TULIP Project Evaluation Study

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The study assessed the feasibility of extending tulip flower cultivation in the northern region of the country. The study found that 30% of tulip cultivators cultivated tulips last year, and 70% are cultivating tulips for the first time this year. Entrepreneurs believe that tulip cultivation can be profitable in two months and is a festival for them, as many tourists visit the tulip garden. The project supplies everything needed, including tulip bulbs, and the entrepreneurs believe that Dhaka’s flower market is the most lucrative. The project provided training on tulip flower cultivation and coordinated local-level flower collection, picking, and packaging. 100% of entrepreneurs received grants and loans from the project for tulip cultivation. The study also found that tulip cultivation has increased the importance of family and social life. The entrepreneurs believe that tulips will play a significant role in agritourism development. They believe their area is suitable for tulip cultivation, and they encourage others to grow tulips.