Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID)

Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Research propels us to move forward in discovering the expected things which are fueled by curiosity. Curiosity tends us to know about the universe which is still unknown to us. Decades of research have been leading us to discover the unknown and mysteries of the universe as well as gathering knowledge and skills in human development in the context of the practical world.

In this decade, as a participant in the global change-making process for sustainable development for humankind, Bangladesh continuously is playing a noteworthy role in the areas of research, innovation, and development compared to the past. To make efficacious participation in the process of change, innovation, and development and to create a society with appropriate knowledge and skills, Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID) was established. BRID has a vision of building a sustainable world by searching and creating the knowledge, and applying the created and gathered knowledge concerning solving practical problems. BRID tends to focus on searching for knowledge and using the created knowledge for mankind through research and educational programs. BRID develops and suggests suitable solutions for the existing problems and challenges through conducting interdisciplinary research on development issues. The institute contributes to the national and international communities through comprehensive surveys and studies.

BRID is working on research-based development and educational thematic areas, specifically climate change, mental health, education and humanitarian development, social protection and security, gender equality, and increasing on. BRID provides various kinds of services such as conducting and assisting the baselines and surveys, case studies, FGDs, Key Informant Interview (KII), Developing frameworks, literature survey, report preparation, documentation and publication, project design, research proposal, assessments, risks, and emergency needs assessments, monitoring, scoping study and research projects conduction, collaboration with different national and international consultancy and research assistance services, consultancy services, and staff services for doing any kind of research. 

To provide supports in the aforesaid thematic areas, BRID has experienced and efficient research team expertise in research and development areas who are capable of doing any kinds of effective and result-oriented research activities. Along with this, BRID has multidisciplinary resource persons from universities who are reputed in the field of research and development.

BRID presumes about the new kinds of social, economic, and environmental challenges such as climate change adaption, rural migration, and urban poverty, and acute shortage of residential facilities and urban life supports, unemployment, slow down of economic development, discrimination among urban people, shortage of skilled manpower in production houses, labor unrest, erosion of socio-cultural values and customs, weakening of social and family bonding. BRID is also concerned about overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic situation which is continuously hindering the expected achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Despite of facing multidimensional challenges, BRID tries to build a sustainable community with appropriate knowledge and skills in the sense of the practical world. BRID will be an effective and inevitable key in promoting good governance and development by establishing and promoting a knowledge-based community for a sustainable world.  


Dr. Md. Shahid Uz Zaman

Chairman, BRID