Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID)

Md. Juwel Ahmed Sarker

Assistant Professor
Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh


Md. Juwel Ahmed Sarker is a resource person of Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID). Mr. Juwel completed his MSS and BSS degree in Development Studies from University of Dhaka in 2013. After completing his graduation and post graduation, Mr. Juwel worked in many reputed government and non-government organizations with multidimensional platforms. After a while, Mr. Juwel joined as a Lecturer in the Development Studies Department of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science Technology University (HSTU). As an Assistant Professor at Development Studies Department of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science Technology University (HSTU), Mr. Juwel have been teaching students and doing research. Mr. Juwel received two research grants from Institute of Research and Training (IRT) of HSTU during last two consecutive years in which one study has been completed and another is ongoing. Meanwhile, Mr. Juwel has also undertaken some independent research projects. Prior to joining in academia, Mr. Juwel had published some of journal articles on some both nationally and internationally recognized journals. Mr. Juwel worked with Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP), jointly funded by Ministry of Finance and Asian Development Bank (ADB) and implemented by Palli Karma-Sayahak Foundation (PKSF) where Mr. Juwel had key role in coordinating two large research projects. Mr. Juwel also worked with Ministry of Land at their National Land Zoning Project (NLZP) as a junior consultant were Mr. Juwel had the responsibility to conduct research and prepare reports on the socio-economic impact of land zoning on various upazilas of Bangladesh. Mr. Juwel prepared research reports on many upzillas during the time. Before joining at NLZP, Mr. Juwel had worked at Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA) as a research associate where Mr. Juwel had the responsibility to ensure publication of MRA. In this connection, Mr. Juwel managed the publication of two important policy documents of MRA, Data Volume and Annual Report. Further, Mr. Juwel prepared a report for MRA which was published from CGAP, an international research body for microfinance sector. Throughout entire career, Mr. Juwel has performed several research activities: Mr. Juwel conducted some independent studies, coordinated some research projects and assisted in few study projects. Mr. Juwel was the convener (English Debate), Dhaka University Debating Society (DUDS), and General Secretary, KabiJasim Uddin Hall Debating Club (KJHDC), Dhaka University. At present, Mr. Juwel is a member of Alumni-KabiJasim Uddin Hall Alumni Association (KJUHAA), and Alumni, Dhaka University Development Studies Alumni Association.