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Md. Abu Shahen

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Md. Abu Shahen

Head of the Institution and Chief Researcher


Md. Abu Shahen is working as a Head of the Institution and Chief Researcher of the Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID). He is directly responsible for his duties and responsibilities to the Chairman of the institute. Mr. Shahen is the son of Md. Polan Mia and Hazera Begum were born on 23 October 1991 in the Nilphamari district of the Rangpur division. He completed his Dakhil and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination from Madrasah and Rajshahi Education Board in 2006 and 2008 with distinctions respectively. He also completed a Bachelor of Social Science [B.S.S (Hons.)] in Social Work degree in 2012 from the University of Rajshahi. After completing of B.S.S (Hons.) degree, he enrolled as a Master of Social Science (M.S.S) student in the same Department in 2013 from the University of Rajshahi during the 2012-2013 sessions and obtained the degree. Mr. Shahen completed his Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree from the Public Administration Department under the University of Rajshahi. Mr. Shahen was awarded an MPhil Fellowship provided by the Public Administration Department, the University of Rajshahi through the EQPTR subproject organized by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh, managed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and funded by the IDA-World Bank for the period of 1 July 2014- 30 June 2017. Mr. Shahen presented several papers at international conferences. Along with this, Mr. Shahen participated in many national workshops and seminars. Mr. Shahen conducted many academic and non-academic original research works. Mr. Shahen published several papers (review and original research) in the referred international journals. Now, Mr. Shahen has been pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in the Department of Social Work of the University of Rajshahi. Mr. Shahen worked with professors in many Public Universities in Bangladesh on conducting original research and institutional developmental activities. Mr. Shahen has performed various tasks and activities related to research and assessment, including field surveys, evaluative studies, need assessment studies, case studies, impact studies, and so on. Simultaneously, Mr. Shahen has written a number of dissertations, and reports. Mr. Shahen has prepared many international conference papers and proceedings in the national domain within University. Mr. Shahen conducted many original research and studies in the development arena. Before joining Bangladesh Research Institute for Development (BRID), Mr. Shahen worked as a Research Associate with Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO) a reputed national development organization in Bangladesh. Mr. Shahen has some prioritized areas of interest are as follows-climate change, rural development, urban problems including poverty and health, child labor and vulnerability, globalization and culture, disability, social development, rural and urban public health and challenges, socio-economic problems, empowerment, gender-based violence, and policy and advocacy research, and more.