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Study on the Physical Market Development Project

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The Katihar market in northern Bangladesh is a hub for business families, with a majority of shopkeepers being middle-aged adults aged 46–49. The government owns the market and leases it to local tenants for a year. Shopkeepers face issues such as poor spitting habits, noise pollution, and traffic congestion. The market lacks adequate drinking water facilities and personal hygiene maintenance. Customers received advice to wear masks and maintain physical distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The market environment is moderate, with customers complaining about inadequate waste management, poor drainage systems, and unclean public toilets. Parking facilities are available, but 39.3% believe they are insufficient. The market authority has issued directives to wear masks and maintain physical distance during the pandemic. Moreover, the market’s drainage and dustbin systems are insufficient, causing waterlogging. Local stakeholders suggest building a larger system and increasing public awareness about waste disposal. The current sanitation system is inadequate, requiring repairs and fresh water. Traffic jams are common, and improvements include shade, lighting, and sanitation facilities. Market challenges include pollution, health hazards, and beautification. Stakeholders suggest hiring volunteers, increasing dustbins, and increasing waste disposal awareness. For market beautification, local involvement and a combined policy are required.